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Classic Historical Fireplaces | Authentic French & English Designs From The Clifton Fireplace Company

Ranging from Queen Anne to Edwardian and including both English and French designs, this collection is recognised by conservation bodies worldwide for its accuracy and authenticity.

  • Victorian Fireplaces
    Victorian Fireplaces

    A new freedom in the use of architectural form and ornamentation emerged in the Victorian age which is reflected in the fireplace designs of the period.

  • Regency Fireplaces
    Regency Fireplaces

    The pleasing combination of scale and simplicity makes Regency fireplaces an ideal choice for modern and period rooms.

  • Georgian Fireplaces
    Georgian Fireplaces

    The Georgian fireplace is based on the classical orders and gives grandeur to larger rooms.

  • French Fireplaces
    French Fireplaces

    The French fireplace displays an unmistakably different architectural form from that of its English counterpart. With its exuberant curves and lavish decoration it is instantly recognisable.

  • En Trumeau Fireplaces
    En Trumeau Fireplaces

    An en trumeau French chimneypiece will enhance the architecture of any room. The term en trumeau describes a decorative panel, mirror, or in this case, the continued section of a chimneypiece that sits on the mantel shelf.

  • Stone Fireplaces
    Stone Fireplaces

    Stone has been the most favoured material for architecture from the earliest times. Its warm colour and rugged texture make it ideal for fireplaces of every period.